10x Purr-cycle pre-paid pouch recycling bags – purrandmiaow
10x Purr-cycle pre-paid pouch recycling bags
10x Purr-cycle pre-paid pouch recycling bags
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10x Purr-cycle pre-paid pouch recycling bags

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Start recycling your pouches in 3 easy steps.

1. Order your Purr-cycle pre-paid postage bags

2. Put up to 25 empty pouches in each postage bag

3. Post the sealed postage bag in your post box (you don't need to add a stamp!)

Along with our recycling partner Enval, we'll take care of the rest, including recycling the postage bag itself. You can use the Purr-cycle bags to recycle any pet-food pouches, from any brand.

Purr-cycle is not-for-profit programme. The £9.99 cost simply covers the cost of the envelopes and the pre-paid postage.

Purr-cycle bags are processed and dispatched separately to your food order.

Did you know that everyday we throw away enough pouches to cover the surface area of the UK... Twice!?

Now you can recycle all your pouches (from any brand... even your baby food pouches) with Purrcycle.

We know that you love feeding your cat using pouches, about 80% of the UK do, and we know that you want to do the best for the environment. At the moment, it isn't possible to make a pouch that can go in your home recycling, but that doesn't mean that the pouches can't be recycled. They just need to get to the right facility.

Purrcycle is our not-for-profit pouch recycling scheme. You simply buy pre-paid postage envelopes from us, put your used pouches in them and drop them in the postbox. We take care of the rest.