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Managing Your Account

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Delivery and Returns

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How do I get free shipping?

About Purr and Miaow and our Ethics

What's special about Purr & Miaow?

Do you guys make Pooch & Mutt too?

Are they produced in the UK?

Is it organic?

What's feeding guidelines for wet?

Is your food grain free?

How should I switch from my food?

Where can you buy it?

Do you have a kitten and senior food?

Can I only buy via subscription from you?

What's the feeding guidelines for your dry food?

Is there any sugar in your dry food?

Is there a money back guarantee on Purr & Miaow?

Is the dry food packaging not recycable? I thought you were bit on recyclability?

What age can I feed my cat Purr & Miaow?


What are pouches made of? Why can’t they be recycled normally?

Why do you use them if they aren’t recyclable!

What happens to the pouches when they are recycled?

Do you do the recycling yourselves?

Can I put more than 25 pouches in the bag?

Do I need to clean the pouch?

Can I post the recycling bag in a postbox?

Why does it cost £9.99?

Do you make a profit on Purrcycle?

Why can’t I get Purrcycle sent with my Purr & Miaow food order?

What happens to the Purr-cycle recycling bags?