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Give your cat the food that they deserve.

Why switch your cat's food

+ Honest

At Purr and Miaow we believe that you deserve to know what you are feeding your cat.

When you pick up a pack of Purr and Miaow food you will read ingredients that you recognise. Most of the "Big Pet Food" brands hide behind confusing labelling regulations, such as 'meat and animal derivatives'.. and who knows what that means?!!

When you see the ingredients on Purr and Miaow packs, not only can you be sure that those ingredients are in there, you can also see exactly how much is in the pack.

+ 75%

Cats are carnivores. They need meat.

Purr and Miaow's 'Duck & Turkey' food contains 75% Duck (38%), Turkey (23%), Chicken (12%) and Salmon (2%).

Purr and Miaow's 'Salmon & Herring' food contains 75% Salmon (41%), Herring (21%) and Chicken (13%).

Some of the commercial pet foods that you can buy in the supermarket can contain as little as 1% of the ingredient named on the front of the pack.

+ Grain-free, junk-free

'Big Pet Food' brands pack their foods with grains, fillers and other junk that shouldn't be in a cat's diet.

Purr and Miaow only contains good, healthy ingredients to help your cat lead a happy, healthy life.

All Purr and Miaow foods are grain free. Grains have no place in a cat's diet.

Our Purromise

At Purr and Miaow we believe that your cat deserves better than the "Big Pet Food" brands deliver. That's why we have developed a 3 point Purromise :

1) No hidden nasties

2) Only good, healthy ingredients

3) Pet health before profits

Feed your cat Purr and Miaow and you can be sure that their health and happiness is in good hands.

Why Purr and Miaow

+ Vet recommeneded for over a decade 

Purr and Miaow is the cat brand from the maker of Pooch & Mutt.

Pooch & Mutt launched as a canine health supplement company in 2008. We have positive nutrition at our heart and our products have been recommended and sold by vets since we launched.

We know that there seem to be new pet food companies sprouting up everywhere at the moment. We've been around over a decade and seen many come and go. Our continued success is down to the fact that we make the highest quality products, putting your pet's health above everything else.

+ An ethical, award-winning UK company

Pooch & Mutt (Purr and Miaow's parent company) is one of the most awarded companies in the pet food world. Awards and accreditations include:

- Accreditation from PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)

- Winner of 'The Ethical Award' for 8 years in a row

- Feefo Gold Award for Customer Service

- 2x Grocer New product Awards

- 2x International packaging design awards

- Winner of 'Manufacturing Entrepreneur of The Year' at the GB Entrepreneur Awards

- Winner of the 'Made in Britain' Award at the Smarta 100 Awards

- Finalist at the National Business Awards

+ Subscribe 'n' Save

All Purr and Miaow products are available on subscription, so that you can save money and never run out again. There are 3 different subscriptions; wet food, dry food and mixed.

Subscriptions are easy to manage and you can cancel at any time.

A Small Great British Company

Purr and Miaow is the cat brand from Pooch & Mutt, founded over a decade ago by Guy Blaskey, pictured with his first cat, Ratbag (his parents named her!)

Purr and Miaow is based in Clapham, SW London. It is one of the few pet food companies, where you can call the office and speak to the founder, who is still making the decisions, in the interests of your pets.

Purr and Miaow / Pooch & Mutt works with the top pet food manufacturers in the UK and across Europe, To bring your cats the food that they deserve.

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