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How to cat-proof your Christmas tree

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As many cat parents will know, cats and Christmas trees don’t always go well together. Due to your cat's inquisitive nature, Christmas trees can be the perfect playground for them. However fun they may be, Christmas trees can be quite dangerous for cats and care needs to be taken. Here are a few tips to keep your cat safe during Christmas.


Choosing the right tree

We all know how lovely real Christmas trees look and smell, but the pine needles can be dangerous if ingested by your cat. Pine needles can also be quite sharp, which poses a risk to your cat’s paws. It might be worth choosing a fake Christmas tree which can still look great and can be re-used for many Christmases to come. If your cat loves to climb and explore, then it may be best to have a smaller tree which would be safer if the tree were to fall over.

Setting up the tree

As cats are naturally curious creatures, a Christmas tree decorated with fun ornaments, tinsel and lights can increase this curiosity. Try leaving the tree bare for a few days to give your cat a chance to get used to it. Once the decorations go up, your cat may be less interested in exploring.

Decorating the tree
Make sure to concentrate most of the decorations towards the top of the tree, where it’s harder for your cat to reach.

Choose pet-friendly decorations such as fabric, silk or paper decorations that can be securely tied onto the tree. Avoid glass baubles and instead, use plastic ones. Avoid using tinsel as this can be a serious hazard to cats.

Place Christmas tree lights towards the centre of the tree so your cat isn't tempted to chew on the wires. If your cat tends to chew wires, it might be best to ditch the Christmas lights this year.


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