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Wet Food vs Dry Food

With a huge amount of choice available, selecting the right cat food can be overwhelming. A good first step is deciding whether you would like to feed wet or dry food.

It’s important to understand the benefits to both wet and dry food before deciding what’s best for your cat.

Wet Food Benefits

  • Wet food formula

Wet food has a soft texture which cats love and is easy for them to digest. This makes it a great choice for elderly cats, fussy eaters or those who struggle to chew.

  • High water content 

Wet food is a great way to keep your cat hydrated. This is especially useful if you have a cat who doesn't like to drink water. Purr and Miaow’s wet food pouches contain 50% broth meaning your cat will keep hydrated.

Dry Food Benefits

  • Convenience

As dry food does not need to be refrigerated after opening, it can be left out for longer without spoiling.

  • Economical 

Dry food tends to be more economical than wet food and is generally available to purchase in larger quantities.


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