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Do you really know what is in your cat's food?

At Purr and Miaow we believe that you deserve to know what you are feeding your cat.

You wouldn't eat something that was labelled as 'meat', without knowing what that meat was. We think that you should know what you are feeding to your cat.

Most 'Big Pet Food' brand's labels will say 'meat and animal derivatives'. This means they can put any meat in, and change the meat they use in each batch depending on what's cheapest.

When you read the Purr and Miaow labels you will see ingredients that you recognise and we will tell you exactly what you are feeding your cat.

Why subscribe

Never run out again

Subcribe now and never run out of food for you cat again. You can skip a delivery or cancel your subscription whenever you like.

Secure details

Your card details are not held by us, they are held securaly by Stripe, one of the world's biggest online payment providers.

Save money

Subscription customers get discounts over the RRP and the more you order the bigger the discount.

How to subscribe

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