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Bringing a new cat home? Here's what you'll need to prepare


If you think you’re ready to welcome a cat into your home, you may want to consider cat adoption before searching for kittens for sale. Your purrfect feline companion could be waiting for you at your local animal rescue. Check out the cats protection for your nearest rescue.

Whatever options you’re considering, we know welcoming a new cat into your home for the first time is exciting. We know it can be scary too, so below are the main things you’ll need to prepare your home for a cat.

Cat carrier

A carrier is essential for taking your cat to and from places; vet visits and bringing them home for the first time! There are various cat carriers available. The most important thing is that you choose one that suits your cat; with enough room for them to sit comfortably and feel safe.


There are lots of different types of cat beds on the market, but there’s no need to stress about choosing the right one straight away. Cats are notoriously funny about where they like to sleep (most would prefer a cat nap inside a drawer they shouldn’t be in!) It’s still nice for them to have a bed of their own, but to begin with, choose a simple one – in case they don’t like it. You’ll get to know what they like over time.

Litter box

Even if they go outdoors regularly, your cat will need a litterbox. They’re especially useful for house training; make their litter box one of the early stops of the tour when you bring them home. Choose one that’s a good size for your home and once you’ve chosen a place for your litter box to live; make sure it stays there, so your cat will always know where to go.

Food/ food and water bowls

Choosing the right food for your cat is important. It can be hard to know which brands to trust, as you’ll find that many “Big Pet Food" brands will have a confusing list of ingredients.

What to look for in your cat's food:

Grain-free. Cats need protein for energy not carbs!

Sugar-free wet food. If you'll be feeding your cat wet food, look out for sugar! Big Pet Food brands add caramel to their wet foods, to give a 'gravy' colour.

High named meat content. Cats rely solely on protein from animal sources. Many Big Pet Food Companies will list the term “meat and animal derivatives” which can mean anything from chicken lung, to beak!

“Closed” recipe. Many Big Pet Food brands keep their recipes open, which means your cat’s food can contain different ingredients each time.You can find out more about what to look out for in your cat’s food here.


If your cat is going to be exploring a new neighbourhood, it’s important that they can be returned to you if they get lost. Not all cats will like wearing a collar, but one with an ID tag attached is a good way to ensure they’re easily identifiable by a stranger. Choose one that will easily break off; in case the collar gets caught on something while they are outside and can’t get free. Whether or not you decide to buy your cat a collar, a microchip is essential. This way, if anything happens to your cat, your details can be accessed when they are taken to a vet to check the chip.


The starter list for prepping your home for a cat wouldn’t be complete without toys! You won’t need too many to start with, especially as you’ll notice that your cat will have a preference to certain types of toys. Start with around 3 toys to keep them entertained, go for different types so they can learn which ones they like best for future purchase.

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